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The art of Sid Collins

My name is Sid Collins, owner and founder of Light and Dark Art, born in June 1997.

I am a father to my two beautiful children who inspire me to do better every day.

I have always had a passion for creativity and I found joy in art and music. I practised piano, painting, drawing and even photography in an aim to find what I was truly good at.

I spent most of my life in a state of depression, anxiety and feeling alone which I found difficult to talk about.

My art has allowed me to portray my emotions and create a visual connection with them. This has ultimately become a form of therapy for me.

I hope that my art will encourage people to find their way of communicating and break the silence.

If I can show just one person that they're not alone then I have done my job as an artist.


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The art of Ryan Taylor

My name is Ryan Taylor born in September 1991.

I have been creating art since i was 15 and it has been my passion ever since. I have seen so many people producing art and it drove me to create something new, something that no one has seen before. I create my art by blending my own photographs and designs together followed by a variety of editing techniques in different programmes.

I met and became great friends with Sid whilst working in a factory and we always talked about the day we would make a difference in this world, I hope that time is now.

I create my art for the simple reason of following my passion and giving people something to enjoy.


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